Form in Architecture

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Obligatory subject: Faculty of Architecture, Regular English Program
2 credits


course director
Emese Balogh DLA

aim of the subject
Develop the possible intuitive methods.

course objectives
The subject provides architects students basic knowledge in forms. It summarizes the general definition of form and the surfaces that form the form. It systematizes the elements that form the form and their possible connections with other forms. It presents the elements that extend the forms, give their projections, sections, cuts, breaks and colours. We give individual tasks out following the thematic grouping of the forms. During the semester students have to demonstrate the systematic application of the above knowledge by spectacular examples particularly in architecture, arts. Finally, students presents their tasks and submit their projects in digital form at the end of the semester.


schedule • for attendance education

week_01 _Lecture I _07 SEPTEMBER 2021
 • elemental forms _lecture

week_02 _Lecture II _14 SEPTEMBER 2021
 • complexs forms _lecture

week_03 _Lecture III _21 SEPTEMBER 2021
 • examples _lecture

week_04 _Consultation I _28 SEPTEMBER 2021
• interpretation of the given topic _individual work

week_05 _Consultation II _05 OCTOBER 2021
• brainstorming phase _individual work

week_06 _Consultation III _12 OCTOBER 2021
• brainstorming phase _individual work

week_07 _Preliminary studio week _19 OCTOBER 2021
• no scheduled class

week_08 _Consultation IV _26 OCTOBER 2021
• systematization _individual work

week_09 _Consultation V _02 NOVEMBER 2021
• systematization _individual work

week_10 _Presentation I _09 NOVEMBER 2021
• presentations

week_11 _Students' Conferendce Day _16 NOVEMBER 2021
• no scheduled class

week_12 _Presentation II _23 NOVEMBER 2021
• presentations

week_13 _Presentation III _30 NOVEMBER 2021
• presentations

week_14 _Studio week _07 DECEMBER 2021
• no scheduled class



06 12 2021 _12h
Submission • upload your final pdf

17 12 2021 _12h
Late submission • upload your final pdf

Presentation - 09.11.2021

YTHVAO Catenary
EWZ19G Sunshine
EA4V0V Drop
IN5365 Seashore
PBJ787 Cumulus
TE32I7 Cirrus
QCFMZT Hanging
P73R87 Twisted


Presentation - 23.11.2021

H4MTYP Spindle
BWV37D Raster
XK41HC Division
C7EDQZ Block
C9KL60 Bay-like
F980SD Obliquity
PRJ3RL Cut-mass
BEBX1H Crumpled
SOHAER Tiny particles
W63GX8 Needle


Presentation - 30.11.2021

C6M06O Yarn
V1X2VE Path
SQIUDX Infinity
FL7SD3 One
FJMLCQ Optikal illusion
A4N71U Serpentine
U1G6A8 Sequence
KK6RS1 Top-heavy
E5IKTO Mistake
F71CB? Uncouth



suggested bibliography
Balogh István: Az építészeti forma. Nemzeti Tankönyvkiadó, Budapest, 2002.
János Gróh: Space and time in music and painting. Nap Kiadó, Budapest, 2013.

2021 Emese Balogh DLA - course director

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