Master's Diploma Studio Course


Obligatory subject: Faculty of Architecture, Regular MSc and Integrated MSc English Program
30 credits (students enrolled before 2017)
26 credits (students enrolled since 2017)

Due to switching to distance learning the timetable changes! Please, go to the department's Moodle page.

course director
Gábor Nemes PhD, Ferenc Répás DLA

design consultants
prof. Balázs Balogh DLA, Emese Balogh, Gábor Nemes PhD, Szabolcs Portschy

faculty diploma regulations (Master's)
Diploma Project - production of and Final Examination (Defence of Project) - Integrated MSc Degree Course

course description
In accordance with the unified faculty requirements, the course aims at the evaluation of the students' preparedness and their aptitude for individual conceptual creativity and comprehensive architectural design activities. During the semester, the independent work and the preparation for the Diploma Thesis Defense is assisted by weekly consultation opportunities, and midterm group presentations.

Students hosted at the Department of Graphics Form and Design are expected to present their design ideas in an outstanding graphical quality (both with manual and hybrid graphics) at each phase of the design process, and a graphical portfolio summary of the entire design evolution (from the initial sketches to the final artistic visualizations) is a compulsory component of the final thesis. The overall graphics of the final presentation shall be clean, informative but also elegant, graphically refined and well indicating the visual character of the building. The midterm presentation shall include a sample illustration of the proposed final graphics. On demand, and depending on capacity and availability, the department's workshop can provide technical assistance in the production of the final scale models. The final thesis shall include 2 A3 size hard copies (bound portfolio), and a digital copy (bound pdf) of all pages of the exhibited works. In case of a projected presentation the department will provide the infrastructure and technical assistance.

The course concludes with a department evaluation and semester mark. Successful completion of the course is a compulsory condition of the receipt of the Absolutorium. Present description is a valid binding supplement of the provisions of the above faculty diploma regulation.

course pre-requisits 
only students having fulfilled all curriculum obligations of the preceding academic terms are entitled to register for the course.

schedule (weeks)

  1. Description of programs and locations. Assessment and evaluation of individually proposed programs. Content of the analysis.
  2.  Site visit / Consultation - motivation, sites, program, inspirations, examples, concepts - refinement of the analysis, layout proposals, volume, materials, architectural character, 1:500 siteplan, models.
  3. Conceptual presentation. Analysis, 1:200 conceptual floorplans, sections, elevations, working scale model(s)
  4.  Individual consultation - design development
  5. Individual consultation - design development
  6.  Individual consultation - technical departments + design development
  7.  Midterm studio week (conceptual layout, individual work - consultations on prior agreement)
  8.  1st midterm presentation - digital projection. 1:200 floorplans, section(s), elevation(s), manual 3d render(s), working model(s)
  9.  Individual consultation - technical departments + design development
  10.  2nd midterm presentation - digital projection / retake. 1:200/1:100 floorplans, section(s), elevation(s), manual 3d render(s), working model(s)
  11.  Individual consultation - technical departments + design development
  12.  Individual consultation - technical departments (+ design consultation by prior agreement)
  13.  Individual consultation - technical departments (+ design consultation by prior agreement)
  14.  Studio week (final layout, individual work)

end of semester deadlines - 2019/2020 spring semester

May 22 until 12 pm - Submission for department evaluation (all technically complete architectural drawings, all booklets, signature sheet) - printed and digital digital only
May 29 
until 12 pm - Late Submission  (late fee applies) without late fee
June 2 until 12 pm - Extended Late Submission (extra opportunity - late fee applies)
June 15
 until 12 pm - Submission for the Diploma Thesis Defense (all posters printed in their final graphical form, model(s), revised booklet of the chosen technical department, digital materials, etc.) - printed and digital digital only
June 29-30 9 am - Final presentation - Diploma Thesis Defense (exact day to be announced later) digital presentation files (ppt, prezi, animated video, etc.) shall be submitted at least 48h before the start of the presentation!

upload/download folder
To be sent in email

consultation times
Based on prior individual agreement with the consultant

Péter Korda: Household selective waste collection and management center, Csepel-island, Kvassay flood gate (2011)
design consultant: István Frigyes Váli, DLA


Katalin Lovas: Pilgrimage church, Pilisszentlélek (2007)
design consultant: István Frigyes Váli, DLA


Judit Kiss: 'Jakab Bleyer' special-needs elementary school, Budaörs (2013)
design consultant: István Frigyes Váli, DLA


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