Identity Design

identity design 600x200pxNeptun: BMEEPRAO801 and BMEEPRAM101

Compulsory elective subject: Faculty of Architecture, Regular English Program
2 credits


course director
Emese Balogh DLA

course objectives
'Identity Design' has become unvoidable in the self-management of today's architects. It determines the entire character, the image of a business and affects its efficiency. Identity Design symbolizes the integrity, the personality of the author and at the same time reflects the quality of the work. During the course, students will have the opportunity to design their own logo and business card then to use it as an interior design element. The different parts of the project are to be unified by a thorough graphic layout which also reflects the designer's identity and personality. A wide range of different visual techniques and graphical tools will be introduced to help achieve the best outcome.


schedule • for attendance education

week_01 _Lecture of Project 1 _07 SEPTEMBER 2021
 • Project 1 - Logo Design - Inspiration _lecture

week_02 _Consultation _14 SEPTEMBER 2021
 • Logo Design _individual work

week_03 _Consultation _21 SEPTEMBER 2021
 • Logo Design _individual work

week_04 _Consultation _28 SEPTEMBER 2021
 • Logo Design _individual work

week_05 _Submission of Project 1 / Lecture of Project 2 _05 OCTOBER 2021
• Project 2 - Business Card _lecture

week_06 _Consultation _12 OCTOBER 2021
• Business Card _individual work

week_07 _Preliminary studio week _19 OCTOBER 2021
• no scheduled class

week_08 _Consultation _26 OCTOBER 2021
• Business Card _individual work

week_09 _Consultation _02 NOVEMBER 2021
• Business Card _individual work

week_10 _Submission of Project 2 / Lecture of Project 3 _09 NOVEMBER 2021
• Project 3 - ID as Interior Design Element _lecture

week_11 _Students' Conference Day _16 NOVEMBER 2021
• no scheduled class

week_12 _Consultation _23 NOVEMBER 2021
• ID as Interior Design Element _individual work

week_13 _Consultation _30 NOVEMBER 2021
• ID as Interior Design Element _individual work

week_14 _Studio week _07 DECEMBER 2021
• no scheduled class

06 12 2021 _12h
Submission • upload your final pdf

17 12 2021 _12h
Late submission • upload your final pdf


recommended literature
Bob Gill: Graphic design as a second language
Catherine Fishel: Redesigning identity
Péter Barák: Corporate design and identity

2021 Emese Balogh DLA

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