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Faculty of Architecture, General and Master English Program
obligatory, practice
2 credits



Architectural typography course is a practice with the use of computers. Classes contain the theoretical and practical knowledges, where students in lectures and consultations can acquire the curriculum. Students should have to design a brochure that contains the following works:
• logo or logotype
• branding: letterhead, business card, envelope
• webdesign (interactive interface) or name plate of your imagined architecture office (EGD)
The visual design of the brochure and the content must be coherent, consequent and connected to the character of the sudent’s personality and/or (imagined) architecture office.

letter, layout, photoshop, typography, pixel graphic, vector graphic, logo-logotype, indesign, composition, portfolio, letter design, visual communication, printing, identity, publication, anatomy of letter, interactive typo, digitalizatio

István Frigyes VÁLI DLA


Lessons consists of lectures and consultations

  1. Introduction, History of typography
  2. „Rules” of Graphic Design / Basic elements of graphic design
  3. Logo-logotype, branding
  4. Layout, Basics of Desktop Publishing (DTP)
  5. Basics of Typography – DTP - The use of the typefaces
  6. Basics of Typography – DTP - The use of the typefaces
  7. Preliminary Design Week
  8. Use of illustrations -Pixelgraphics – DTP – Illustrations
  9. Prints and Digital publishing
  10. Environmental Graphic Design
  11. Students’ Scientific Conference
  12. Consultation
  13. Consultation
  14. Draughting Week


feladatok beadása
Évvégi beadás és pótbeadás a moodle rendszerben meghirdetettek alapján

visual guideline 


recommended literature

Virágvölgyi Péter: A tipográfia mestersége számítógéppel. Osiris Kiadó Kft., Budapest, 2004.
Timothy Samara: A grafikai tervezés kézikönyve. Scolar Kiadó, 2015
Bo Bergström: Bevezetés a vizuális kommunikációba. Scolar Kiadó, 2009
Nigel French: InDesign Type: Professional Typography with Adobe InDesign (3rd Edition), 2014.
Szántó Tibor: Könyvtervezés, 1987.

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