Design Skills 2

Obligatory subject: Faculty of Architecture, Faculty os Civil Engineering - General Course Program
2 credits

Due to switching to distance learning the timetable changes! Please, go to the department's Moodle page.

course director
Dr. Gábor Nemes

course director
Emese Balogh

aim of the course
Learning the connection between architectural 2d and 3d drawings.

course objectives
The subject provides architecture students to understand the basics of 2d projections and their relations with 3d drawings. It develops 3d thinking and architectural depiction skills. 

schedule 2019-20/2

  1. 11.02. General orientation - course schedule and requirements
  2. 18.02. Cube - linear drawing
  3. 25.02. Cubes - linear drawing
  4. 03.03. Inside elements - linear drawing
  5. 10.03. Inside elements - linear drawing
  6. 17.03. Reconstruction of a space - linear drawing
  7. 24.03. Preliminary Studio Week (No scheduled classes)
  8. 31.03. Reconstruction of a space - linear drawing
  9. 07.04. Test drawing
    19.03. Spring Holiday
  10. 14.04. Modelling project
  11. 21.04. Modelling project
  12. 28.04. Drawings for the model - linear drawing
  13. 05.05. Drawings for the model - linear drawing
  14. 14.05. Studio Week (No scheduled classes)

submission deadline
18.05. (Monday until 12 am)
29.05. (Friday until 12 am) late submission (late fee applies)

Regular class attendance is a mandatory prerequisite for receiving final mark in the course. Drawings are collected at the end of each class and stored in the designated folders. Final mark is determined by the board of teachers, based on the quality of the submitted drawings (midterm projects + test drawing + model). Missed projects can be made up for on designated dates of the semester. 

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