Fundamentals of Architecture Design

Obligatory subject: Faculty of Architecture, General Course
0 credits

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course director
Gábor Nemes Phd Phd

course objectives
Introduction to the grammar and vocabulary of the various fields of architecture design, and the basic factors on which the creative process of design depends. The course intends to identify some of the fundamental principles of the profession and to provide guidance on the attitude of mind that will help students in developing their individual approach to design problems in the future.  

course schedule - 2020 Spring
01. 10.02 Orientation, introductory lecture (Gábor Nemes)
02. 17.02 Architecture Education (Gábor Nemes)
03. 24.02 The importance of interior design in architecture (Emese Balogh)
04. 02.03 The importance of identity design (Emese Balogh)
05. 09.03 Architectural monuments from the ancient to contemporary times (Balázs Balogh)
06. 16.03 Architecture Presentation & Representation (Ferenc Répás)
07. Midterm Studio Week - No scheduled class
08. 30.03 Architecture Photography & Model Photography (Szabolcs Portschy)
09. 06.04 Contemporary Communal Space Design (Ferenc Sebestény)
      Spring Break - No scheduled class
10. 20.04 Architecture & Art Workshops (István Frigyes Váli)
11. 27.04 Color Dynamics & The history of Color Harmony Research (Gábor Tari)
12. 04.05 Constructivism & Deconstructivism (Gábor Üveges)
13. 11.05 Generative Design (Tibor Pálóczi)

course requirements
Regular class attendance is a mandatory prerequisite for receiving credit in the course in accordance with the BME Code of Studies and Exams.

suggested literature
Dobó, Molnár, Peity, Répás: Reality, Concept, Drawing / Architectural Drawing

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