Research Themes

Relations between space and motion, creation in kinetic space
Theoretical and experimental research of the relationship between space and motion, their architectural expression, and the movement-related aspects of spatial perception. In this sense, motion in one moment is interpreted as a means of exploring and experiencing space, in the next, it becomes the inspiration for spatial creation itself. The central element of this approach is motion-based spatial analyzing and forming. While space revealed through motion provides with the experience of intimacy and deeper understanding, movement inspired spatial creativity builds right from the inward personal perception (psychological sense) of motion. Throughout the act of design, consciously sensitized space is the cornerstone of abstract spatial formation.

Performative space
Architectural and theatrical space. Architectural and visual art installations. Performative space. Contemporary stage as a laboratory of spatial arts. Spatial perception, transformation and modulation, lighting and scenery. Theoretical and practical considerations, artistic approaches.

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